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Upgrading? Replacing? You need a power company that works within your particular budgetary and scheduling parameters. Power House offers the procurement and sale of virtually any size commercial generator. Couple that with our expert, time-efficient installation that saves you considerable sums in rental costs, and you’ll feel generated to really focus on your business.

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Once you’ve concluded that you need backup power, Power House is here to help you in reviewing your power needs and determining what generator setup would be able to handle them best. One of our test teams will visit your facility and conduct a proper power consumption review. We will even determine what hours of the day or week make up your prime time bracket.



Size and setup are critical aspects of your generator of choice. In order to not only power but also protect your facility’s grounds and equipment, your generator needs the correct amount of power and capacity. Power House’s procurement specialists keep up with the latest technologies in the world of portable power, making us best equipped to fit you with the right system.



With dozens of top-notch installation crews at our immediate disposal, we specialize in servicing larger commercial users. Power House is known for the quickest turnaround times in the industry. This means that beyond being a one-stop shop for quality installation and upgrades, we help clients save money on generator rentals by completing the installation of their new machinery in record time.

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